Today was politics day, and we started the day early at 7.  We went to Don Carlos’s for breakfast and had pancakes with pineapple.  After, we came back to the hostel for a politics seminar, where we learned about the political situation in Nicaragua.  we read an article informing us about Ortega’s presidency.  After, we had a nice, funny energizer to help shake off the stress.  Then, we went into our English teaching seminar, where Ena and McCall told us about how to make an English lesson.  It was difficult for me because I had a shaky outline but McCall and Ena helped me to develop it thoroughly.  After, we went to lunch, where we had rice, chicken, squash stew, salad, and plantain chips.  Later we took the public bus to see our speaker, Don Luis, who is a supporter of Ortega’s presidency who fought in the Sandinista revolution.  The bus ride surprised me because you could see the disparity between high income and low income people.  What all of us Glimpses got from Don Ruiz’s speaking was that exaggerated rumors can ruin a presidency and you must choose what to believe.  Then we came back and had some well deserved free time where we were able to cool down and think about the information we absorbed.  Then we had delicious chicken tacos, gallo pinto, and cabbage salad.  We finally came back to the hostel and I passed on the torch to El Linder del Dia.

Being El Lider del Dia was difficult because it was a long day of speaking and moving, but it helped that I had  a good sense of humor.  I learned to tell myself that I may be too strict sometimes and that I need to let myself smile.  The person that really made me proud today was Matthew, because he spoke up and corrected the group’s behavior at one point and was able to express himself so passionately to the group.  I know that I can be passive aggressive sometimes so I really appreciate him respectfully stating his point and expressing why he felt that way.