Hi Everyone!

     I am pretty excited about going on this trip in a few days! Hopefully I’ll meet most of the parents at the airport, but I hope that you are just as excited for the great journey we’re about to endure over the next three weeks!

     My major in college was Chicano Studies and Central American studies . At that time was the only Central American program around and it is a strong Chicano department as well. I did a lot of work on campus and surrounding areas to promote higher education and cultural awareness and critical thinking. I learned a great deal and I will do my best to ensure you not only have a memorable experience in Nicaragua but a educational one as well.

     I currently work at James Logan High School in Union City. I have been there for about six years as a Alternative Center Monitor. Pretty much if students get sent out of class or suspended then I get to hang out with them all day in my class room.

     I am a returning GG Leader, the past two years I went to the city of Esteli. I really loved my experiences there and I cannot wait to be one of the pioneering groups in to the city of Granada.

    Parents – we will do our best to have students write blog posts every night so that you can see what we are up to every day. There is structured break time so that students will be able to go shopping and hang out in the internet cafes so they can check their Facebook, Instagrams or whatever it is kids use to communicate these days.

PLEASE feel free to read and comment on each of our blog posts throughout our trip – we like to read all of the stuff that you guys are reading and writing! It makes us feel good too!


Attached is a photo of me and my daughter Mixtli and if you can hear her say Nicaragua you would love her as much as I do.

Cannot wait to get the opportunity to travel and teach/learn with you all !