Hi Everyone, it’s your Global Glimpse Trip Leaders for San Juan de la Maguana leaving on August 7th, 2019. We would just like to introduce ourselves!

Jess on last year’s Global Glimpse trio to Guaranda, Ecuador.

My name is Jessica Stovall, and I taught English at a high school outside of Chicago, IL for the last 11 years.  I took my students on a Global Glimpse trip to Ecuador last year, and it was a transformative experience for all of us.  This August, I began my PhD in Race, Inequality, and Language in Education at Stanford University, and I immediately contacted the Bay Area Global Glimpse office because I knew that I wanted to support this really important experience.  I first traveled abroad when I was a junior in high school to Turkey, Greece, and Italy, and it gave me such a transformative appreciation for being a global citizen as well as the importance of building cross cultural connections. Because of this initial global trip, I studied abroad for a year in England in college, and I completed a Fulbright Scholarship three years ago to New Zealand. Two summers ago, I took 19 students for a two week cultural exchange with the indigenous Maori tribe that became my home during my Fulbright. Watching how this exchange impacted my students was one of the highlights of my entire teaching career, and I can honestly say that there is no greater way I can imagine ending my career as a high school teacher than spending two amazing weeks with all of you!

Fun facts about Jess:

Jessie is afraid of flying but loves traveling all over the world.

Jessie is featured in a documentary series called America to Me on the STARZ network.

Jessie is from Wisconsin and has an unhealthy obsession with cheese even though she is most likely lactose intolerant.

Annie on her balcony outside her apartment.

Hi everyone! My name is Annie Lockmiller, and I just completed my first year of obtaining my Master’s in Counselor Education from San Jose State University so that I can be a school counselor. I have been working with children since the age of fourteen as an assistant coach on my swim team. I entered college intending to study mathematics, but discovering the field of Sociology and learning about the education system turned me onto the course that I am on now. I learned how fortunate I am to have had the opportunities I have had in my life, and I want to be a part of children’s learning and development to help provide them with similar options, even if they are not naturally provided by the educational system. This is also what attracted me to Global Glimpse. Not only is it an opportunity to travel and experience another part of the world, but a rare chance to do so in a way that will enrich the students’ cultural perspectives and awareness of global issues such as poverty, colonialism, and ethnocentrism. I am thrilled to be a part of this learning experience for students, and to learn and grow from it myself!

Fun facts about Annie:

Annie is a competitor, local instructor, and advanced level dancer in West Coast Swing dancing.

Annie is obsessed with dogs and follows multiple social media accounts devoted to their celebration.

Annie’s favorite international trip was to China to adopt her sister at 8 months old, who is now old enough to drive a car.

If you are a glimpser, comment below with one thing you are excited about for the trip!

Annie and Jess