Hola Glimpsers!

Hope you all are resting up before our trip! We leave in 12 days. Get your bug spray and sun screen ready. We are going to have a fun summer filled with adventures, learning experiences and BIG Love. Other Glimpsers are already on their trips and have been having a great time. I’m keeping up with a few trips where my friends/students are.  I’ve been watching the weather in Granada, too! While in the 90’s, there have been thunder and lightening storms everyday…pack a poncho if you don’t want to get wet.

What do you all think of a meet and great before we go? Everyone is located around the edges of the bay it seems. I think Berkeley is a good spot to meet up. I’m waiting to hear back from Ms. Escalante, but thinking June 30th at 7:00 pm. I’ll be in touch.

I will be bringing an empty suitcase with me to the airport! We all have been asked to bring some school supplies/books to donate. I thought we could fill one case. Then we have an empty one for souvenirs on our way home and we won’t have to worry about weight!

Reminders: bring

your passport!

make two copies of your passport

$10.00 cash (visa)

$15-30 for community project

I’m looking forward to speaking to each of you before we go! And meeting you at 4:00 am at SFO on the 6th!