Hello lovely families!

Today we arrived to Riobamba! After having breakfast at Hotel Ambassador we had the bus ride and Glimpsers were able to see the beautiful Andes Mountains. We are staying at Hotel Tren Dorado, which will be our home for the following 15 days. Dra María, who is the owner of this Hotel, was very friendly and she mentioned that she loves to have the Glimpsers in her hotel because they are like her kids. Then we went to Roma Santa Restaurant where we met Isabel, who is the owner of the restaurant and she introduced herself as “the second mom of the Glimpsers”… Both of them are amazing women!

After lunch we went over our first seminars: Welcome & Accommodation and Líder del Día. We were able to introduce ourselves and we started to play a funny game “Secret Friend” that consists in being kind with one of our partner without letting him/her know who is his/her “secret friend” during the whole trip.

Finally, we had our first nightly meeting.We shared our “Big Loves” and we ended the day with a “Unity Clap.”

Tomorrow we will have the City Tour, Glimpsers will learn about the history of Riobamba, Riobamba is known as the City of the First Fruit, and they will find out why.

Hasta mañana,

Andrea & Paúl

PD. We apologize that there are not pictures for today, we are experience a technical issue with the tablet. For tomorrow we are going to have a bunch of pictures! We promise!… We read all your comments to the Glimpsers!