Quote: “The first principle of aid is respect” –Ernesto Sirolli

Question of the day: What are the differences between aid and development? When and how should they be implemented?

Hello friends and family! Today was aid and development day! However, our main event pertaining to aid and development was cancelled due to an emergency within their community. The original plan was to have the speakers Rosario Rea and David Jimenez from Plan Internacional, an organization that empowers the youth and protects the rights of students through workshops, do a workshop at our hotel for us. Their various methods include: sexual education, boosting self-esteem, and letting kids know their rights, especially those of women from the misogynistic society that exists in Ecuador today. Because of the unplanned emergency, we were unable to participate in the initial activities.

However, instead, we chose to focus on our second main event of the day, which was the English Tutoring Graduation. After breakfast, we had free time for three hours during which we chose to prepare gifts for our graduates! Together, we made posters and wrote cards to our lovely students. After this, we then went to lunch and had free time again until 3:30. We chose to use this time to freshen up and get ready for the formal event.

At the graduation we sang both anthems (Ecuador’s and the United States’) and heard a few words from the principal of Verbo Divino and our very own Global Glimpse Program Coordinator, Camilo! We proceeded to take pictures with all of our students and gave them certificates. The after-party included cake,

soda, cookies and good times! Though we were engaged with the students for only 3-4 days, we were sad to see them go, but we were happy to see them go into the world with what we had taught them! Soon after, we headed to dinner and then went back to the hotel for our nightly meeting where we passed the torch to Mai-Khan, Mai-Anh and Maria.

Though today we couldn’t experience first-hand the differences between aid and development, we pondered the meaning of them through our past experiences with Fundacion Betesda and our time in Salinas. We chewed on the concept that aid is help to the people that asks for it and development is a subjective concept that is not the same unanimously. In terms with the U.S, they perceive development as technological advances and expanding cities. On the other hand, people such as the indigenous kichwa community, may perceive development as living in harmony with nature.

Overall, today didn’t go as planned, but we still had fun and were able to reflect on the ideas of aid and development through the help of our Global Glimpse Coordinators.

PS: Hi guys!! Having fun and learning lots! I’m excited for our activities tomorrow and I miss you guys loads. Be sure to update me on the memes. Love, Amy C. <3

Heyo! I miss you guys and I’m having a great time expanding my horizons and immersing myself in different cultures and learning every day. Can’t wait to see you again but will also miss my time here L. Love you guys and hope everything is going well at home! Love, Quinn

Hey guys! I’m having such a great time here in Guaranda and am learning so much about their culture. I’ve enjoyed each day that I’ve spent here and, to be honest, I don’t really want to leave. I created su

ch amazing friendships that I feel like I have had for years! But overall, I do miss you guys and can’t wait to tell you all about my journey xD! – Amie Tra