Today was a loooong day! We started the mornig off learning about the history and politics of Nicaragua. After a long informational session, the 19 of us boarded on four horse carriages to ride around and complete a city tour.  Original plans were to walk the city tour, but the increased temperature, and the quick thinking of Carla, got us all on the sweet, cool, horse carriage ride.  From the carriage rides we went to the Museum, where we met and spoke with a local historian.  The historian, Jorge Diaz, was a walking encyclopedia, as Carla mentioned to us.  At the museum, we did not only learn history about Nicaragua, but each other, thanks to GGL Thao, and her quick icebreaking games. Who would of thought that one person has a pet peeve for eyeballs and about other eight other students who shared the same fear for heights! We then had another political speaker, an icebcream stop, a little shopping and dinner later at a local resturant in town. By then, we were almost ready to call it a day. However, not before a nice walk and city tour on foot this time to the Largest Lake in Central America, Lago…we will put that on the next blog.  Off  to bed, another full day tomorrow!!

Thao and Chad