Hi, this is Skarleth and I roleplayed the leader of the day today. Our group had an early start as we woke up at 5 am this morning. We departed from Managua and headed to Matagalpa. The ride was awesome ful of new scenery. We arrived to Casa Luna Flor by 8 am. This hostal is such a beautiful house and the staff is so friendly!

Also,  we met our food providers at Casa Abya Yala, the food was delicious and the decorations are all about warrior women from different cultures. The ladies shared with us the mission of the place and the reason of the different types of art in there.

At Abya Yala waiting to be served dinner

At Abya Yala waiting to be served dinner

We had orientation and then we went to El Calvario. Our driver, Carlos managed to take our huge bus into the reserve and we had a great time up on the hill. Awesome view of the city and it felt so good to be there. We took a lot of pictures. Oh, we also met some little children who were yelling “I Love you” to some our Glimpsers.  It was so cute!

After that, Maria was so cool that she took the whole group to the supermarket so the group could buy snacks and things that they needed. Dinner was great, and our first nightly meeting was very nice. To close all the day activities we played some music and did some line dances with the whole group! It was so much fun! As the saying goes “Family that dances together, stays together,” it feels like we have been here for several days, but it is just the beginning.

In a nutshell, it couldn’t have been a better first day.