Dear Families and Friends of C2C GHS students,

Please plan to pick up your student at Greenfield High School from approximately 1:30–2:00 AM (Saturday, 8/11). Students will be taking a shuttle together to the campus from BOS Airport and are expected to arrive 2.5–3 hours after landing. 

Students will arrive at BOS airport at 11:11 PM on Friday 8/10 on flight UA2062 at Terminal B. It takes approximately half an hour (30 minutes) for students to get off the plane and get their baggage. This is a domestic flight, so they will not be going through customs for this flight.

Feel free to track the flight directly for the most updated details on United’s website. Flight number: 2062 and Departure date: Fri., Aug. 10, 2018

See you soon!
Global Glimpse Staff