Tina and Ben

Tina and Ben

Greetings from the Bay Area!

Tina and Ben here. We are your Global Glimpse Leaders for the Dominican Republic trip to Jarabacoa from July 01-17. We are excited to go on this journey with you all and wanted to introduce ourselves.

Tina: This will be my first trip with Global Glimpse and first trip to the Dominican Republic. I’m originally from the Midwest, I was born and raised in Kansas. My first time out of the country was while studying abroad in South Korea while I was in college and ever since I’ve had the travel bug. In 2013, I joined the Peace Corps and spent 2 years living and working in Guadalajara, Mexico. I currently live in Oakland and work in the biotech industry. I love reading, biking, and traveling. Everyone I’ve met from Global Glimpse is awesome and I’m happy to join the team.

Ben: This will be my 6th trip with Global Glimpse and 2nd time going to the DR. I’m a math teacher at Berkeley High and have been there for 5 years (and 13 in the bay area, long enough that I say “hella” unironically). I moved here from the south, having spent most of my life in Georgia and Kentucky, so you will hear me drop “y’all” and other southernisms on a regular basis. Just like Tina, I love biking, reading, and traveling, but also (just like Tina, though she didn’t mention it) I love board and card games. I’m really excited to go to Jarabacoa with all of you and I think we’ll have a great time.

We are looking forward to meeting you all and starting on this adventure together.