Some words to summarize final reflection and departure day…touching, emotional, unforgettable. We began the day by going to a beautiful farm and cafe called La Guilena about 25 minutes from Guaranda city. In the quaint little cafe, we started our journey of reflection about our fifteen-day trip together…The first minutes in the Quito airport filled with fear, curiosity, and excitement. Glimpsers meeting their coordinators. Program coordinators welcoming their first group to Guaranda. The nature walk in Tagma San Jose and the humility of Carlos. Making adobe blocks. The challenge of snow-capped Chimborazo. The inspiring chat with Padre

Antonio Polo in Salinas. And how all of these activities helped us grow and learn together. We wrapped up the final reflection with a wonderful lunch and a tasty traditional dessert called espumilla – a sweet egg merengue served in an ice cream cone. We left La Guilena with full bellies and hearts.

Then, we went back to the hotel to prep our bags and head to the Quito airport. We had a heart-warming goodbye with our fantastic transport and accommodation providers, Andrea and Paul respectively. Our bus ride to Quito was quite the adventure and longer than expected, but everyone arrived at the airport in good spirits. Then came the most difficult part – saying “Kayakama”, “See you later” to our wonderful Glimpsers and spectacular Global Glimpse Leaders. Many tears, smiles, and photos. Watching my first ever Global Glimpse pass safely through the gate was one of the hardest but most rewarding moments of my life.

To our Glimpsers and leaders of GU2A, Camilo and I are so proud of you all and honored to have met each and every one of you. We are already missing you guys here in Ecuador, but we know you are leaving to go make the world a better, more just place. Keep in touch and remember…You did that!