Greetings Glimpsers!

My name is John Sierra, and I’m excited to be one of the Global Glimpse Leaders for the GU2A trip to Guaranda, Ecuador this June.  This will be my 3rd trip with Global Glimpse, and each experience is uniquely memorable.  My first international experience was during high school when I joined my Spanish class on a trip to Spain.  Since then, I have traveled to China, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Amsterdam, Canada, and almost every one of our 50 states.  Obviously, I LOVE to travel and experience other geographies and cultures.  One can’t help but see our “American” way of life in a different light after traveling abroad.I teach AP Environmental Science at Freedom High School in Oakley, CA.  Ecuador really appeals to me for the rich diversity of vegetation and wildlife, having snow-capped mountains and evolutionary islands.  It is also where indigenous people are constantly having to defend their ancestral land from industries and development.  These are the treasures of our planet that I hope we can learn to appreciate and help protect for future generations.

I look forward to getting to know all of you and sharing this amazing experience this summer!

John Sierra