Today was immigration day. Since Haiti is a neighboring country, we have learned, through a documentary, the difficulties of getting Dominican citizenship, such as being ignored by the authorities. Unfortunately, children that are born in the Dominican Republic that are of Haitian descent do not automatically get Dominican citizenship. If they decide to go back to Haiti, they have to learn a new language and wait to get their citizenship there. In addition to the troubles of getting Dominican citizenship, the Haitians face constant discrimination by the Dominican government.Β 

To get a hands on experience, the glimpsers went to a Haitian community to learn about their immigration and discrimination experiences. Glimpsers also prepared a snack for the community. Since immigration is a sensitive topic, the group of glimpsers was able to rally together and persist through hardships that came along the way. The comfort the glimpsers gave to each other was the reason that the glimpsers were able to move on to tomorrow.Β