We are Daniel and DJ, and we were leaders of Politics Day. Together we chose to be leaders on this specific day because we had a strong interest in the political scene of the Dominican Republic as well as a burning passion for knowledge and debate. Naturally, we were aware that not all of our fellow Glimpsers shared this same love for the art of politics, so as leaders we brought to the table a stunning duo of enthusiasm and excellence, pushing our delegation through hour seminars and meetings.

Probably the most inspiring moment of today was meeting two young Dominican politicians, Armando and Ney, young adults who had made politics their life’s work. After winning various national UN mock summits, they had the opportunity to travel to New York twice for a mock UN Summit, and won both times. With their help, our group had an extraordinary time conducting our own mock Summit at the City Hall of San Juan. We were separated into 3 delegations, U.S., Haiti, and D.R. We had an hour to prep our knowledge of our corresponding countries by talking with our bilingual Dominican Youth Ambassadors and researching online. Then for the next 2 and a half hours we discussed and debated the widely controversial topic of Haitian immigration to the DR.

Just seeing each and every student put their heart and mind into this activity was astounding, and the arguments and formal conduct of the students was amazing to watch as well. It literally felt that we were actually representing these countries, that we were actually forming agendas, and actually finding solutions. Never once during the 3-hour period did we feel like 17 year olds playing at being adult representatives. It was a euphoric afternoon.

After taking countless group photos with ambassadors and politicians at the City Hall, the group headed back to the hotel where we had an hour of free time. Representatives from each CAP (Community Action Project) committee went and shopped for our materials that we will use over the weekend, whilst others lounged in their rooms or sought out the local frozen yogurt tienda.

Being a leader is enjoyable, especially when you have a partner who matches your energy step by step, through thick and thin, through voice and beat, together every action is vibrant and every journey is colorful. As leaders of the day we would like to thank our delegation for being amazing activist today and making this a leadership learning experience that we will both never forget. All of us here look forward to these last hard days of work and enjoyment, carrying with us newly acquired skills and dreams.

Thank you,

Groovy D and Daniel

-Passing the torch to Silvanna


In front of the San Juan City Hall


Presenting the certificates after our model United Nations activity