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“Saying goodbye doesn’timagemean anything. It’s the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it”. -Trey Parker
We shouldn’t be sad that we are leaving but happy that it happened.

Today we woke u
p at 7, and began our final reflection day. At 9, I led our final program seminar where we shared our thoughts and feelings about the journey we embarked together. Tears of happiness and sadness were shed. We broke into small groups and made maps of our own personal journey. In these maps we shared our five significant moments of the whole trip, what we learned about ourselves, what we learned about our leadership skills, and who we met on this trip that inspired us the most. After the meeting we had our final unity clap. After our free time and lunch, we wrote our letters of appreciation to the wonderful donors of Global Glimpse. We also wrote letters to the amazing people who took care of us during our stay here in Constanza. After that we had an hour of free time to enjoy our final day in the lovely streets of Constanza. When we arrived back we began packing and getting ready for a fiesta with the ambassadors.

The party was filled with joy and sad goodbyes. We will never forget our wonderful ambassadors andimage the love they showed us. We will also never forget our coordinators and leaders who always
pushed us to be the best leaders possible. Now we are getting ready for the long journey home. Tomorrow will be filled with bittersweet goodbyes. But we will never forget the happiness we shared in Constanza and the memories and lessons we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.

Thank you to Global Glimpse for giving us this once in a life time experience. Thank you to Constanza for giving us a place to call home.

Goodbye, Constanza!image