Today was our 15thand final day staying in this beautiful town, San Juan De La Maguana. There were tears, laughs and unforgettable moments today, but a part of us will forever stay in San Juan.

Being “Lider Del Dia” today was something very special to me, because it was a chance for me to show and become better at my leadership skills and show consideration in numerous ways, such as making sure everyone gets a meal first and that everyone was ready and organized for our daily activities. It was a blast!

Each and every one of us have learned something new about ourselves that made us unique and brought out the best in one another. No matter where we come from and how different our cultures are or how difficult our language barrier may be, us Glimpsers have become strong enough during these last two weeks to not let anything stop us from facing any obstacle and achieving everything that we may dream of.

We had to say our final goodbyes to our wonderful ambassadors for the very last time. We all got very attached to one another by building unbreakable bonds and creating memories that will last a lifetime, such as playing cards, making inside jokes and teasing one another. It was a powerful moment for most of us, and for some very emotional. We can all agree that we have all been inspired to do great things and work much harder than once we return to California. We have all had a connection with each other on this trip that brought us closer.

I would say thank you to our motivational Global Glimpse Leaders; we would not have come this far as a group without them. Their hard work, determination and commitment to the Glimpsers went above and beyond.

We are now all ready to see the next chapter in our lives and continue to grow as individuals. We’re more than happy to say that we have a home of our own here in San Juan, not only have we all become closer but we are now able to call each other family. It’s never a goodbye but a “Hasta luego San Juan“!!!!!