Hello family,

We hope all got home safely! Yesterday was our last day in Guaranda, this was an emotional and unforgettable day, in which we learned our last three words in Spanish: Experiencia (experience), ¡hasta pronto! (see you soon) y ¡buen Viaje! (good trip).

We had our last seminar, in which we shared our commitment with START, STOP and CONTINUE poster papers. Besides, we did the “Reach out and Touch Someone ” and our last group and individual BIG LOVE, activities in which almost all cried and laugh a lot. Then we went to La Tortilla for our last lunch and returned for our packing time. The last minutes in our home ” Hotel Suite Marquez” we took a lot of pictures and also greeted the GU1B delegation with the traditional: (GU2A said) “GLOBAL” and (GU1B answered) “GLIMPSE”, It was so fun.

With all the luggage inside the bus, before leaving Guaranda, the group encouraged Jesús to share his speech with us. Then he stood up, took the microphone and let us know how important this travel was for him and the whole group, he was applauded by all of us. Thank you Jesús.

We started the road trip of almost 5 hours, in which we stopped at the fanciest gas station bathroom that we never forget and also sang Leona’s playlist. Once we got to the airport, we all ate dinner and started to say “HASTA PRONTO.” Heyssel and Diana gave to each person the last hug before the checking; we are going to miss you so much.

Thank you GLIMPSERS and amazing GGLs, it was a pleasure to work with you, the growth we all went through individually and as a team was incredible, we know that this wasn’t Goodbye. ¡HASTA PRONTO! and thank you for the EXPERIENCIA.



Ro, Diana and Heyssel.