Hi, my name is Nicholas Hanson, and I attend Westmont High School in Campbell. I’d say the number one thing to know about me is that I’m very introverted; if I don’t seem very talkative at any point, please respect that. It won’t be a silent treatment type of thing, I just need to be withdrawn every once in a while. (Sorry for being socially awkward at the boba meetup, but… yeah, this is why.)

That being said, some of my interests include your typical teenage things like reading, playing video games, and watching too much YouTube. Beyond the stereotypical things, I also harbor some less common interests, such as psychology and linguistics. In fact, that’s part of why I wanted to go on this trip: I could see a new sociocultural perspective as well as improve my Spanish. I’d like to think I’m already pretty good at Spanish, but I’ve heard that Dominicans speak quickly and use a lot of slang, so… that should be interesting.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you nonetheless and getting out of my comfort zone. See you in a few days!