Hi Everyone! My name is John Griffin, however, I go by my middle name Oliver.  I am an acting student at Oakland School for the Arts.  I am beyond excited to meet everyone and go on this amazing trip.  I love food, especially trying out new things from different places.  As an actor, I love people and getting to know them.  I’m also a photographer, and as such I love to try and find new unique ways of looking at places and people in order to create images that embody them.  I’m so excited to do the same in Guaranda.

Travel is something that I live for.  I have family in England as well as Belgium, so I have been fortunate enough travel there and experience new places.  My time spent traveling has been some of the most formative moments of my life, which is why I think that this trip will be very powerful, because I’ll be traveling with people I’ve never met, experiencing new culture, in a place I’ve never been.  And it’ll be great!  I can’t wait to meet you all on the 17th!