My name is Tyrone Perez and I am a incoming Senior at Oakland Technical High School. I am excited to go to Nicaragua because it is the first time I go to a country with its sort of conditions. I am interested in comparing our cultures and taking a not of both the similarities and differences. In addition to that I cant wait to see the numerous sights, and to expereince shadowing a student in Leon. A few things about me would be that my career interests are geared towards Marine Biology or General Biology. I enjoy playing Soccer, and watching baseball, soccer, and football. One “interesting” thing about me would be that I am a big fan of Korean music and have over 500 Korean songs on my iPod. One of the biggest challenges to me, would be not seeing the kids I work with at a camp through Parks and Recreation, since I get used to seeing them everyday. I cant wait to meet all of you tommorow at 3 AM!