Hey guys, My name is Melanie Mercado. I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico but now I live in Boston, MA. I’m bilingual. I’m an incoming senior at Chelsea High School. I’m really excited to go on this trip and experience what life is like in Matagalpa. I love learning about the different cultures of the world. I am looking forward to our trip because it is going to be the first time travelling outside of a country by myself. Though I have traveled by myself just recently to Minnesota to do an Outward Bound program. We did three weeks of backpacking, rock climbing and canoeing.  Some things about me is that I’m always smiling and I always look at the positive side of things. I love listening to music, playing sports like cheerleading, football and track, hanging out with friends, learning new things, sweets and helping people. I cant wait to meet you all!