Hello Everyone!

My name is Jack Padalino and I’ll be one of your group leaders for our upcoming Global Glimpse trip in July! I’m very excited to be traveling back to the DR this year and can’t wait to meet all of you and share a life changing experience together!

A little about me:

I teach high school physics to 9th graders at the Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science up in The Bronx. I absolutely love my job because of the fulfillment it brings me, its challenges, its rewards, and also the time it affords me to live a great life! I love to travel. In the past 3 years I’ve traveled all over the US, to Europe, DR, Vietnam, Costa Rica, South America, and I’m far from being done!

Traveling is a luxurious thing that many people don’t have the opportunity to do, but if one has the means to do so I think its an important thing to prioritize. Unless you have traveled outside the US and seen another culture that is very different from yours, you can’t quite understand the impact it can have on you. Every time I come back from a long tip I feel just a little bit different. I leave pieces of myself all over the world, and I take little pieces of other cultures back with me. I’m very excited to hear about your experiences after this trip, and see how you will have grown after having taken a step into a different world together!

See you all soon!

  • Jack Padalino