My name is Yen Hoang and I’m one of the Glimpsers this year. I was born and raised in Vietnam and I came to America when I was 10 years old. I love outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, biking. I also love to hang out with friends and meet new people so I hope I would make a lot of friends after this trip 😊. 

Fun facts: 

  • I’m a shy/quiet person but once I get comfortable around people I would talk a lot 
  • I’m on the school badminton team
  • I’m addicted to chewing ice (ik it’s weird) 
  • I love sleeping so much that I can sleep anywhere and at anytime 
  • White chicks is one of my favorite movies 

I love :

  • boba (ofc) 
  • sleeping 
  • eating 
  • clothes 
  • meeting new people
  • traveling

 These are just a few things about myself, I hope to share new experiences with you guys and gals. See you all on Monday!