Hi Glimpsers!

My name is Teri Sorensen, and I am one of your Global Glimpse Leaders. I’m SO excited for this experience and to travel with all of you to Guaranda, Ecuador!  We are going to have an amazing time!

I am a school counselor at American High School in Fremont. I enjoy museums, nature, baking, and all things pumpkin (cheesecake, curry, candles, and so much more)! I also have the most adorable dog- Cookie! Additionally, travel is a great passion of mine. I love to explore and expand my knowledge, meet new people, and try all of the delicious food! I hope you’re all open to adventure- we can try new foods together! 🙂

This is my first year as a Global Glimpse Leader and I became a Global Glimpse Leader because I believe in the transformative power of travel and couldn’t pass up an opportunity to help support our youth (all of you) on this journey. Global Glimpse is wonderful opportunity to develop as leaders and global citizens. I’m also looking forward to exploring the beauty of Guaranda, English Tutoring, and the Community Action Project. We are going to learn so much! 🙂

I hope you are getting excited for our upcoming trip and I look forward to meeting all of you soon!

Big Love,

Teri Sorensen