Hello all,

I am one of your GG leaders and I’m so excited for our trip.  Most of you met each other and myself on a very warm Saturday in Palo Alto.  I just wanted to get the ball rolling with introductions and a little insight into each others music tastes.

My name is Max von Euw and I teach high school chemistry at Mills in Millbrae.

Right now (and I don’t know why) I’m obsessed with 2Chains!  My favorite song of his is “I’m different”.  I love the beat and I think it’s an interesting play on reversing stereotypes.  I’m not putting the link on because the video (and the song) is not quite high school appropriate.

Holla back at this post with your favorite song of the moment.

Can’t wait to see y’all at the airport.


Max (one of two awesome GG Leaders…Victoria is obviously the other awesome GG leader).