Hello, helloo !! I’m Vivian and I truly am very very happy to be traveling with you all this next Monday. It’s crazy to think that all we know of each other right now are these words on a screen because there’s no doubt in my mind that in two weeks time, we’ll have been knit together by all of our shared experiences and laughter. The uncertainty of it all only makes ┬áit all the more thrilling ! (edit: I forgot to say where I’m from oops. I was born and have grown up in California (bay area) all 16.5 years of my life!)

Excited for the memories to be made together, beans&rice to be eaten, and everything in between :-‘),


P.S. Here are some things I love!

cherry tomatoes, frozen mangoes, painting/art, photography, running in the mornings, beans&rice, cats (I’m allergic, but it’s okay!), mother nature :- O

& here are some music artists that I enjoy!

Bon Iver, Oh wonder, Blackbear