Hola amigos y familia! Our group has arrived to beautiful Matagalpa. This morning, everyone got up fired up and ready to make it to our host town. first they tried their first Nicaraguan meal, famous gallopinto, eggs, and plantains! everyone seemed to enjoy it. Then we got on the bus where we would spend the next 3 hours of the day and finally arrived to Hostal El Rey!

Right after checking in, we got to get to know more of each other while enjoying our delicious lunch that our hostel prepared to welcome the delegation. It was sweet to see the group having fun and feeling like home already.

As Program Coordinators, we always strive to give the best first impressions to our students. As we hope they got a great one of us and the country, we must say that they have left an absolutely awesome first impression on both of us. No matter how tired, jet lagged and definitely out of their comfort zone they were today, everyone smiled and showed great enthusiasm to begin the journey. We anticipate a great experience for all of them.

So parents and friends, Glimpsers are doing great. Keep updated with the blogs and please leave a message for the groups We will read them to them every night during our nightly meetings!

With appreciation,

Skarleth the PC