When I found out that I would be leader on the Community Action Project day, nervous was the word. Since day one of being on this journey, everyone made it clear that the reason they came on this trip was to help. Make a difference, add positivity to the world, and assist the less fortunate were our main goals, and today was the day it would all come into action DSC01740.

I had faith in my fellow peers, but I wanted nothing but the best for the people of La Pita. I knew that organization was key for today, so I created an Organization Committee; this committee made sure that all the paint brushes, cement, sand, and many numerous items were where they needed to be. Every minute counted today, and I am very confident to say that I made it very apparent, and it paid off! Everyone was on the dot, and we arrived to breakfast as punctual as possible, and I knew then and there that it was going to be a fantastic day! After a bumpy bus ride, the citizens of La Pita were as welcoming as usual, and we got straight to work. Our group organized ourselves into “stairs people” and “paint people,” and that was the greatest decision ever! Before we knew it, everyone was on task, with paint all over their faces, cement all over their pants, but still going strong. As leader of the day, you could ask for nothing less. We finished our service with a short meeting with ourselves and the La Pita community, thanking them for their help and this lovely opportunity. I could see the look on people’s faces, and there was not a single one of us Glimpsers who was not glowing with pride and joy. After 17 days of prepping, we finally got to take off our training wheels and fly, actually communicate with the Nicaraguans, get dirty, spread positivity, and get the job done. The whole day was so busy and fast, it all seems to be a blur now. But it is safe to say that today surely was unforgettable. All of our dreams came true, the La Pita neighborhood was rejuvenated, and we can go back to the United States knowing we did something for the greater good. And from everyone here at Global Glimpse, we hope all the fortunate people in the world can feel what we are feeling; it doesn’t take something huge to do something huge, nor does it take a billion dollar check. If you have your eye on the prize, the sky is truly the limit.