The first day of our CAP project was very busy in the morning. The Glimpsers split into two groups: one that tried to create relationships with local grocery stores and clothing stores to get donations for our CAP partner, while the others tended to the transportation of the bikes. At first everyone seemed prepared to fix the bikes by themselves, but once the other local students came the Glimpsers took that help and used it to move the bikes and figure out what was wrong with them. Despite the fact that some people didn’t know how to fix bikes they still tried to contribute to the effort and kept trying. They were so focused and determined to get the job done that in the end they were able to ride some of the bikes and have fun.

The first day of CAP work went great for both the bikes and store groups. It was amazing seeing how not one person turned us down at the stores. Everyone received us with a friendly smile even if they were not the business owners. Everyone listened to us so attentively and were really appreciative about the fact that we are trying to help their community.

Jasmine: As a leader I learned that you have to raise your voice to be heard and you must communicate with others to get things done quickly and efficiently. I felt accomplished because I was engaged in the most activities possible.

Ayanna: As a leader I learned that you unfortunately cannot be everyone’s friend and you have to be strict to get things done. In addition, it’s okay to be loud to get everyone’s attention.