Today was very interesting; we went through the normal routine: wake up, breakfast, and another seminar. However, after the seminar I had realized that we were running late. We had to fast walk to a children’s soup kitchen which drew more attention to us from the locals. After we arrived at the place we listened to a speech from a sweet lady named Adriana who helps children who can’t feed themselves. With the amazing speech finished some of us tried to occupy the children’s time while others made the food. The children were shy and scared to play with a bunch of foreigners, but they were soon playing games and singing songs with us, and the children who weren’t playing with us were eating food that the second group made in the kitchen. We left leaving smiles on the children and their bellies full.

When we arrived back we decided to go ahead and make a sick member of the group a card hoping she will get better soon and help us with helping the community.

As if it wasn’t bad enough we were late to the second activity of the day which was to teach English to many Nicaraguans so once again we drew more attention to us. While we were at the school to teach English we could only get 3 doors open even though we had 6 teams. We had to combine classes and teams together so we had around 50 student per class. Despite that, at the end of the day we taught really well and we hope many students will want to come back.

All my story proves is even though we had set backs, were late, and uncomfortable we still managed to pull together and help out people that needed someone to help them.

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