We were really looking forward to receiving this amazing group, but the trip was not so easy. The flight was cancelled due to weather conditions. Then all the GG staff both in the U.S. and DR worked hard to rebook new flights and make sure the Glimpsers were safe and comfortable in the meanwhile. Thank you so much team for all the great team work and all the effort you did for them and us.

And this would have been impossible without our two GGLs, Angela and Emily. They were with the group the whole time, doing bonding activities, figuring out the different options for rescheduling and taking good care of the glimpsers. Thank you ladies!

The whole group did great, they stayed positive and were very flexible about the situation. They adapted very well and bonded together to overcome that disappointing moment. And we are so proud of them!!

Finally they arrived in two separate flights. That gave the first group that arrived the opportunity to chill in the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo while waiting for the rest of the group. They really deserved it!

And finally we all arrived to Onaney, the accommodation at San Juan de la Maguana. Exhausted but happy about being here at last.

Stay tuned for more news of this wonderful group of young leaders.

Having the welcome mocktail!