Street view of Leon and the Cathedral

“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep an permanent, in the ideas of living”

Hello Everyone!

We are Brayan and Jessica the Leon 1 team this summer 2015.  It is a pleasure for us to introduce a little of Leon, so when you arrive you feel like real “Leoneses” and enjoy this trip from the very first moment you arrive to Nicaragua.

User comments

Membreño family, workers at La Estacion market, very harworking people willing to meet the new generation of glimpsers and share with you some of their time and stories

Leon is the 2nd most important city of Nicaragua with a colonial heritage and rich culture, architecture  and gastronomy. Its people are friendly and hospitable, the city is surrounded by ancient volcanoes and it is only 20 min from the Pacific Ocean, but most important Leon is a cosmopolitan city full of energy and inspiring places, people, and stories.



This summer we want you to bring all of your positive energy and ideas here to build a strong team and great memories. We are so thrilled to meet you all on July 25th 8th and to begin this adventure. Are you guys ready??!!

We will contact you soon for more tips for a safe trip, but feel free to say hi, here is our email: [email protected] and/or our skype: leon1.globalglimpse


Brayan & Jessica