I know our trip isn’t until 2 months from now but there’s no shame is starting to get to know one another now.

So here’s a little about myself:  My name is Julie !  I attend Independence High School, which is located in San Jose. My favorite subject is History. I’m 5’4″ and my blood type is A negative. ( Hehehe! )

Due to my passion for learning and culture, I’m looking forward to those 3 weeks in Nicaragua. I’m hoping to pursue a career working in the United Nations or a U.S Embassy. Taking a class in International Relations has helped motivate me even more to be more globally aware. I just might end up majoring in it ! 😀

On a final note, I really enjoy reading. So if you know of any good books please suggest them to me ! Looking forward to meeting you all !

( The picture is of me holding my little sister. Next to us is the woman that gave us life. <3 )