Here with Don Jose Maria in El Robledal

Here with Don Jose Maria in El Robledal

We are Humberto Gamboa and Franziska Litschko your Program Coordinators 2015 in Esteli.

We are very excited to get to know you  in a couple of days and set out for our 3 weeks leadership program this summer together.

In the past three months we worked on our intinerary to take out the most of your time with us and the community here in Estelí and to create a fully life changing experience for our leaders of tomorrow.

Who we are:

I am Humberto Gamboa, I`m from Nicaragua and 24 years old. This is my second year working with Global Glimpse. As a returning coordinator, it is again a great opportunity for me to be part of an incredible summer with you students and GG Leaders, who will visit us this year in the city of Estelí.

My name is Franziska Litschko, I am a 28-year old German Program Coordinator, who is working for Global Glimpse for the very first time. I spent my volunteer service here in Nicaragua one year ago, I fell in love with the country, its people, its feeling to live here and I am excited to share my experience with you all.


View of San Nicolas a community of Tisey


Old Cinema in Estelí

Don Alberto with his stoneart in Jalacate











What we love about Estelí:

  • The clima, located in the North and inbetween mountains, the weather in Estelí is cool and kindly and we have great nature here for going hiking, enjoying the waterfall and exploring „stonearts“in the mountains
  • The people, Estelianos  and the people from the communities are very open and humble, who love to get to know  you and will open up their homes for  welcoming you and are ready to learn English with you all
  • Art culture in Estelí, where you go you will see huge, coloured murals on the street, which talk about different historical events of Nicaragua, Estelí or other important topics like saving the environment, education and health
  • The diversity, in Estelí you can do so much in your freetime, we have a lot of Cafes, to hang out, Museums, Library, serveral shops from buying souvernirs until clothing, there exist no boredom in Estelí


We love being part of the City and Life here in Estelí and we are happy to share our passion with you very soon.

Are you ready???

If you have any questions or doubts before you go on this journey do not be shy, just contact us: [email protected]. We are happy to help you .

It is your summer, your journey, your experience – take the most out of it! 


We will support you!