Hey everyone! I’m Linda and I am gonna be a senior at Mt. Eden High School. One thing about me is how I usually experiment and bounce to different activities. Specifically, I recently learned how to swim. A year ago, I took a dance class and absolutely loved it. I volunteer at St. Rose Hospital weekly. Now, I’m learning how to play the viola, and I’m joining colorguard! Different things make up who I am, and I’m still growing. Also, I believe this trip will help me grow by presenting new things to me, and most importantly, us.

I would like to point out how excited I am to meet everyone else who’s going to Las Tablas! The farthest place I’ve traveled to is Las Vegas, so this Panama trip is very exciting to me. I will have a new experience on what it’s like to be in a plane, going to a different country, and especially being in a different environment. I am a Latina, but I am eager to learn different aspects of other cultures and communities. Again, I’m mostly excited to learn with all of you :)! See you soon!