Hey! My name is Elizabeth, but most people call me Liz for short. I’m 16 years old and I am currently an upcoming senior at Andrew Hill High School. I have to be honest, I’m quite socially awkward, though I’m trying to change that! I hope to build my social skills, as well as my confidence, and leadership skills from this trip. I’m so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to explore such places that I have little knowledge of; the environment, the people, their culture, and their traditional foods! Experiencing this with all of you guys will definitely be a blast, considering everyone has different perspectives, it will make our late-night conversations even more interesting. I love hearing everyone’s unique point of view and ideas, because it sparks new ideas that I’ve never thought of before. Okay, let’s start off with a few things about me:

I love to take up a challenge, even when I’m pretty sure I fail most of the time ahhh. I’m also into gaming and skateboarding! Another thing is that this trip is going to be my first time out of the States, AND my first time on a plane, so I hope it goes well. :(( Oh, and plus, I loooove my little hamster, Chibi!! She’s like a small, hand-sized dog, who eats and sleeps indefinitely (sort of like me).

I’m definitely going to be missing a lot of people who are important to me back at home. However, after reading everyone’s blogs, I feel like I’ll definitely be welcomed because everyone on this trip is so friendly!! I really can’t wait to meet everyone, so let’s make this a trip we all won’t forget!!