Hey everyone!

So.. I’ve never really blogged much before besides tumblr, so here it goes. My name is Katy Cox and I am from Redwood City, California. I am currently a junior from Everest Public High School which is a charter school in the bay area. I am so stoked to meeting everyone because I love being social and having fun, exercising, the sunshine, the beach, making others happy, and being in new places. My philosophy is if I don’t go and get out now, I’ll have missed an experience.

Things I worry about being in Nicaragua are things like sunburns because of my fair skin. Sunburns are painful for those of you who do not burn! Also Im concerned about my lousy spanish communication skills, so I’m working¬†hard and fast¬†in order to avoid desperate situations where I struggle to get my point across. haha

Anyway, I am really eager to meet you guys. Hit me up on facebook, I am totally open to new people. c: