Hey Y’all, five more days. I’m excited!  This is Tim, one of your teacher leaders. I’m from Davis ,Ca.  I’ve talked on the phone with half of our delegation but I’d like to post some info in case you forgot. You’ll need to bring a pair of work gloves for our community service project. Two copies of your passport information page in addition to your passport. Bring a dark blue skirt or pants and a white shirt to wear for your school uniform when you go to the local school as a student for the day. Mosquito repellant of course. Two refillable water bottles so we can keep you hydrated.  $10 for your visa when we land in Nicaragua.  I’ll be meeting most of you at the airport on the 5th at 10:00 pm. We will meet by the ticket counter for our airline. If you have any questions give me a call or e-mail me.  You have my contact info.  I’m looking forward to meeting you.  Have a good day.