Hi everyone! I’m Ethan Hsu and I am really looking forward to meeting everyone! I will be a senior at Mission San Jose High School during the fall. I hope that this trip to Leon will be an eye-opening experience and I can’t wait to be immersed in Leon’s culture, such as food, language, history, etc.

Basketball is one of my favorite sports. I have been playing basketball for a very long time. Although the skills of basketball won’t help me much on this trip, but I hope the occasional early morning practices for my school’s basketball team will help me wake up earlier on this trip to see how different life in Leon is compared to the suburban life of California.

Whenever I am not juggling school and sports, I enjoy cooking and watching tv shows (Arrow, Flash, Castle, etc.). I also like to goof around with my two dogs, even though I am allergic to dogs!

I am stoked for this trip and can’t wait to meet you guys!