“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ―Augustine of Hippo


Hello Glimpsers, this is Judith and Anni! We will be your Program Coordinators in the beautiful city of Leon. Your host city, Leon, is one of the most important cities in Nicaragua. It is full of expressive murals that represent national politics and history; also it is full of people who will welcome you with open arms and who really want to share time and experiences with you!

You Glimpsers will be living at the hostel Leon Imperial. It is a classic colonial building and Don Alvaro— the owner is very passionate about León and you will learn a lot from him.
All the people and organizations we contacted for you over the last three months to make your itinerary unforgettable are so excited to meet you and to show you their lives and their work!

Get ready to for an amazing intercultural experience through learning and sharing with the local peocatedralleonple, that will definitely open your minds and prepare you for a responsible future!
We cannot wait to see you at the airport and have the best adventure ever together!


Judith and Anni