It was great meeting most of you at the Central Park gathering (or your school info sessions)! We’re sorry we are a little late with updating the blog – life has been busy for us! But we’re so excited for the DR trip. Here is a little bit about your Global Glimpse leaders:

Meet Angelina Morelli!

Hi Glimpsers! I was born, raised and currently live in Brooklyn. I understand what a challenge it is to motivate one’s self to leave New York City, where we seemingly have access to everything. I attended college at CUNY-Baruch where I studied Economics and Applied Mathematics. I rushed out of college and went to work in finance right away. However, after a few years found myself bored and unfulfilled. Nine years ago, I decided to become a teacher in the New York City Public Schools. I’m a Math and Business teacher and Track coach at the High School of Economics and Finance in Lower Manhattan. I love Math and thoroughly enjoy having the opportunity to inspire that love in others. When I’m not teaching, I absolutely love to run and I will be running the New York City Marathon for the first time this coming November. After spending most my life refusing to stray too far from New York City, I’ve been bit by the travel bug. Now I’m taking every opportunity to leave New York and see the world.  On one of my trips last summer, I won front row tickets and traveled to England to see my favorite band, Pearl Jam perform in two different towns. Traveling has transformed the way I see the world and myself. I’m looking forward to embarking on this amazing journey to the Dominican Republic with you all!

Meet Nicole Rothwell!

Hey Glimpsers! I was born and raised in Washington (the state!), and currently live in Inwood though I’ll be moving to Brooklyn next month. Growing up in a small town, once in college I knew that I needed to see more of the world to grow as an individual. So I studied abroad for 6 months in Valparaíso, Chile and it transformed my perspective and life. I studied International Relations and Spanish at Seattle University. After graduating college, I moved to NYC to volunteer with an educational AmeriCorps program. I’ve been here since, going on 5 years this August, and I love it! I am a Counselor for college students at iMentor, a youth mentoring program that supports high school and postsecondary students to enroll and succeed in college. In my spare time, you can find me taking photos, at dance class, enjoying the outdoors, organizing with the community, and exploring. I love traveling, and believe traveling allows us to connect across borders, and create positive change within ourselves and our communities. In addition to Chile, I’ve traveled to Canada, Argentina, and Cuba. I can’t wait to add the Dominican Republic to the list, and to share this journey with you all!

Check your email for information regarding our next meet up and more pre-trip info. Thanks to Carol and Sonia for posting your intros. We look forward to seeing what the rest of you have to share!photo