Hi there B1B GGers! My name is Caitlin Dinneen, and I am another one of our trip’s three Global Glimpse Leaders. Currently, I teach Middle School Math, English, P.E., and Art in Sunnyvale, CA. I would like to think that teaching middle school gives me a unique perspective on life, but then again, if you spend any amount of time with 11-12 year olds, you’ll find that they are a very interesting bunch! I don’t think my sense of humor would be nearly as wide or as well-curated without them in my life.

To know about me is to know that the kitchen is one of my happy places, and when I am not deciding what type of food to make, I am deciding what type of food to eat. Food = life in the literal sense, but also very much in the spiritual sense in my case. In addition to food related ventures, I also occasionally dabble in making art, I love to be outside, and I enjoy listening to all types of music; my Spotify saved songs playlist is a bit of an eclectic mess, but I love it that way.

I’ve also been told I also like to spend my time getting juuust a little competitive over any and all forms of games (board, card, sports, you name it, I may try to win it with a casual laser-like focus). So, it only makes sense that I also play adult league competitive volleyball once a week in my free time. Our team name is Chewblacca. Yes, it is a Star Wars reference. And of course, we have themed team t-shirts (see pic below)

This is my first year as a GGL, but I would like to think I am well-traveled both in the education and worldly-travels sectors of life, having attended college and received my teaching credential in Hawaii, and throughout my life having traveled throughout the entirety of North America (all 3 countries, and 30 states and counting!), as well as parts of Central America and Europe. While in Hawaii, I also worked as an educational hiking tour guide for tourists and students, so if you end up on a hike with me, you’re in good hands! Travel has been a big part of my life, and I am excited to share my passion for travel, food, and community building with you. You all have signed up for a truly one-of-a-kind experience!

One of the expected highlights of my summer is getting to travel to the D.R. with the B1B team and seeing all that Bonao has to share with us. Memories of unforgettable experiences, new friendships, unexpected challenges (and triumphs) and more than one B1B inside joke are sure to be had.

I can’t wait to meet all of you (especially if you can make it to our Union City boba-tea meetup) – we’d love for you to come by and say hi!