Hi! My name is Kaitlyn, and I am a junior at Willow Glen High School. I took 4 years of French at my school, so I don’t really know any Spanish (other than the basics). I really enjoy traveling and exploring other cultures. I mostly travel to places with my family, and in the past year I have been fortunate enough to visit Japan with my school and Australia with my family. I’m super excited (and a bit nervous) to visit Panama and learn more about the culture there. I’ve lived in multiple places throughout my lifetime, including Texas, South Africa, Canada, and now California. Some of my hobbies include: figure skating, drawing, painting, and other crafty activities.  I’m mostly nervous about traveling with new people, as I only know one person going on this trip, but I am also excited to make new friends and memories. See you guys in a week! 🙂

P.S. Here is photo of me!