Hello everyone, I’m Kailin, but I usually go by the name Karen. This is my first out of country trip without my family and friends, but I am more excited than nervous! Prior to the trip, I was a summer intern at a tech company in San Francisco, working as a software engineer on open source projects. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of crash course style learning for me. Outside of work and school, I enjoy reading, listening or playing music (I can play the violin), and surfing YouTube to learn about the world.

As an upcoming senior, a good amount of my free time has been replaced by SAT practice books and summer homework.. So I am very excited for this trip that can give me a break from college preparation while allowing me to learn about Latin America, a place I have briefly learned about but never visited! I do not know any Spanish, so I will need some help along the way. It will also be a small challenge for me to live without Wi-Fi for two weeks, as I rely on the internet a lot.

I’m very excited to meet everyone! See you soon!