Hi it’s Helena, I know this is a little late but it is better than never! I am 16 and an upcoming senior from Andrew Hill High School. Usually I am very shy and quiet and from this trip, I hope to meet new friends and open up myself more. More about me, I enjoy playing games, activities, listening to music, hanging out with friends, and trying new things. I am very excited yet nervous for what is to come, but willingly I am open to everything and anything. Up for any challenges! This will be my first ever trip on a plane and outside the country. From this trip I hope for many things: to expand my boundaries in meeting people from different cultures and customs, experiencing different lifestyles, trying out new foods and much more! For three years, I took Spanish class at Andrew Hill but my communications skills are still in need of improvement, I know very little but that won’t let me down. Mostly from this trip, I hope that we all have fun and gain a great learning experience.


See you all soon! Can’t wait to meet all of you!