It’s the fourth day and wait…we’re going back to school? That’s right, we shadowed Nicaraguan students at their high schools! But of course, we started the day with a delicious breakfast consisting of “gallo y pinto con huevos y maduros” provided our hostel. After splitting into two groups, we made our way to two high schools in Matagalpa: Gabriela Mistral and San Luis where we introduced ourselves to the local students. We spent the next few hours observing the daily life of a Nicaraguan student as well as comparing the local education system to our own. From this first-hand experience, everyone gained a new insight and understanding to the importance of education in one’s life, community and country. After saying goodbye to the students, we left the schools and headed back to our hostel. However, we took a quick stop for some amazingly good Nicaraguan coffee (we’ll be sure to bring some back, you have to try it!). Following a tasty lunch and some free time, we partook in a seminar in preparation for tomorrow when we begin tutoring English to local students (you’re going to hear all about that tomorrow!). We then had lots of free time to take a much-needed break as well as opportunities to contact our family-members and friends, some shopping and traveling around the city. I had the chance to email my parents, explore the city, eat at the local bakery and watch a local soccer game where the student that I shadowed took part in. Finally, we all came together for dinner and our nightly meeting, where we reflected upon our experiences as a student in another country and as for me, as an aspiring leader working on breaking out of his shell. Well, that concludes our fourth day on this wonderful, insightful and joyful adventure in Nicaragua.


~Wynton Yu