Bonao is a city known for its plush landscapes, natural water ways and crystal clear rivers also offers the students a very rich history of artistry, political influences and an evolving history. Today during our city tour, students were introduced to influencing factors of past political figures like Trujillos “El Jefe” and how he and his family left their mark on this beautiful city. The students were able to see one of the first radio stations in the Caribbean “La Voz del Yuna” and how it shaped community in the “Trujillo Era”. We visited the Juan Bosch Municipal Library open to the public where students were able to compare the distinctions between libraries here in DR and the enormous difference and accessibility to resources back in the states. We walked throughout the city and saw the governors building and states building were laws and justice worked hand in hand. We spoke to Andres, a shoe shiner who for the last 40 years has worked in the towns central park and has been witness the three remolding eras of the park. We visited a fire house where students learned the conditions of the fire station and its fleet of fire trucks. We were also able to slide down the fire house poll. Exciting for many students who have never been in such a location and even experienced the daily adventures fire fighters envelop day in and day out. Finally we were able to visit the “Plaza de la Culture’ where we learned all the historical factors Candido Bido contributed to the city of Bonao, being the first local artist to gain recognition both nationally and internationally. The day was super eventful and full of fun and many activities. Throughout this experience we introduced the glimpsers to the youth ambassadors who accompanied us during the city tour and even provided input into the history of their city.