Hello! My name is Cesar Urquiza and I am a Senior at Oakland Tech and participant of College Track. I was the Leader of the Day today and was in charge of managing the group and schedule. Our day started off waking up at 5:45 in the morning and going for an early jog and game of soccer. We then had breakfast at 7:00 and headed straight to the ruins of Leon Viejo. In our tour of Leon Viejo, we had the opportunity to look at the several ruins that have been excavated and found over the years. The excavation process began around the 1960’s and has flourished since. During our tour, the group was able to take great pictures from a view point with the two volcanoes: Momotombo and Momotombito. Once our tour of Leon Viejo came to an end, the group took a short road trip to the Asososca Lagoon and had a quick lunch. Although the weather was not the best, the group made the most of it and had a lot of fun. Many decided to play games in the water, while others relaxed outside of the water. After several hours in the lagoon, we decided to head back home and have dinner. Once we finished our dinner, we reflected on the day and had our nightly meeting. It was an overall relaxing and memorable day. Good night!

P.S: I love and miss everyone!