Today was all about getting our bearings in our new culture!   We woke up and had a very Dominican breakfast of mangú, fried cheese, and fruit juice, and learned about a quick overview of the history of the DR.  We all went out for a tour of Constanza, hitting such stops as the local fire station, the Cazadores fort (which is similar to US Marines), and the town plaza.  We finished it off by interacting with some local youth at a baseball field and cooled off with some popsicles.  The Glimpsers got to see several places of interest that they can revisit on their free days.

The group was fully immersed in Dominican culture today, even in culinary terms!  Lunch was a traditional Dominican meal of stewed chicken, rice with corn, and a salad, and for dinner we had spaghetti and sauteed veggies (did you know that 80% of the vegetables consumed in the DR are grown right here in Constanza?).  It was great to see the Glimpsers getting to know each other more, playing charades, card games, and laughing throughout the day (see what happens when you put people together without smart phones!?).

Can’t wait for this crowd to experience what’s in store for them tomorrow… stay posted!

Felix and the crew