After breakfast this morning (eggs, yogurt, strawberries, watermelon, croissants, and oatmeal) we got our blood flowing and played a good old fashioned energizer: Ships and Sailors. Students got to loosen up and have a little fun running around and competing. Following that, our PCs (Program Coordinators) led us through a Culture and Safety Orientation where we went over rules and expectations.

Our main activity of the day was the city tour.  To make our city tour more interactive and engaging, Ana and Jerry turned the tour into a scavenger hunt. Six teams ventured out with an adult within a 700 meter radius of our hotel to find local squares, city landmarks, and places of interest. Teams displayed courage by interacting with locals and asking them questions in Spanish to help answer clues. Shout out to Team #5 (Amanda, Emily, Cynthia, Dharana, Desiree, and Shannon) for winning with the most points! Then we had lunch which consisted of rice, lentils, salad, squash soup, pork, and the hit of the lunch – mango juice!

Afterwards, we challenged the students to see how well they knew each other’s names. They split into two teams on either side of a large sheet and a member from each team approached the sheet and when it dropped they raced to name the person on the other side upon seeing his/her face. This game was great for name review and resulted in a lot of laughing. We apologize to Ryan for not holding the sheet quite high enough. We then proceeded to have our first CAP (Community Action Project) seminar where we learned a little more about the purpose of the project and the process in which will complete the project. We were able to have a little bit of free time afterwards where students organized their own games which was a great segue to our “Getting to Know You” activity. The students met back up with their scavenger hunt groups and had about an hour to ask each other various questions to learn more about one another.

We then had dinner back at our food provider where we have had all our meals so far, Roma Santa. Tonight we ate various versions of Ecuadorian mole, cucumber and pasta salad, breaded banana and tea. We finished the night with our nightly meeting where we passed the LDD (Leader of the Day) torch onto our first student LDDs – Adri and Kenson! In order to really earn the torch they performed their talents of break dancing and recorder playing to the group. Currently students are hanging out and in a few minutes we are coming together to hold our first official family game night!

Buenas noches,

Kelly, Amy, and Sergio